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Greek golden visa programme grants a five year residency visa in return for an investment in real estate. There is no minimum stay requirement and children up to the age of 21 are included in the family application. The visa is granted for five years and renewed every five years if the property investment is retained,Include your spouse and children under the age of 21,

The best part is the Visa-free Travel to 184 countries. 

Double Taxation Treaty  :Income received from countries outside of Greece are not subject to taxation.

REAL ESTATE OPTIONS FOR GOLDEN VISA : BUY  of a property with a minimum investment value of €250,000,


  • 10 years of lease agreement signed for hotel accommodations or furnished tourist residences in integrated tourist resorts
  • €800,000 investment for Greek government bonds, kept for five years
  • €400,000 investment for bonds or shares of real estate investment companies, kept for at least three year.
  • €400,000 investment in bank deposits




The Immigration and Social Integration Act (Law No. 4251/2014, Government Gazette No. 1, No. 80) contains arrangements that broaden the time of stay of delegates to work with third-country financial backers (whose speculation is viewed as Is an essential venture) private speculation foundations and their accomplices. 

Likewise, it permits the issuance of home grants to third nation nationals and their relatives who buy land worth in excess of 250,000 euros in Greece.


A. "Financial backer's Permanent Residence Permit". (Article 20)

1. As per the choice of the decentralized secretary-general, a five-year home grant is given to third nation nationals, which can be reestablished, and can be:

(a) Have entered legitimately with a visa or lawfully dwelled in the country, Even the kind of home grant he has isn't permitted to change the reason

(b) The individual has full proprietorship, possession and quiet utilization of Greek land. For mutually claimed property worth 250,000 euros, the privilege of homestead is conceded just if the proprietor of the property is a mate who possesses a unified portion of the property. In any remaining instances of joint proprietorship, residency must be conceded when the joint possession pace of every co-proprietor arrives at 250,000 euros.

(c) Owning all proprietorship, possession and serene satisfaction in land in Greece through a lawful element whose offers are entirely claimed by him.

(d) An understanding has been reached as per Article 8(7) to lease lodging convenience or supporting traveler convenience in a vacationer convenience complex for in any event ten years. Article 2 of Law 4002/2011 (Government Gazette No. 1, No. 180).

(e) A period sharing arrangement was reached as per the successful Law No. 1652/1986 "Time-sharing Agreement and Related Issues" (Government Gazette 1, No. 167).

2. The base worth of the unflinching property and the agreement worth of the lodging convenience or traveler home rent specified in this Article will be resolved to be 250,000 Euros, and the agreement should be settled completely at the hour of marking.

"The thought is paid by cross-bank check to the recipient's ledger, which is held in a credit organization worked by Greece, or the exchange of credit is made through the arrangements of Article 4, section 7 of Law No. 4537/2018. As indicated by No. 4537 According to Article 4, section 7 of Law No. /2018, Article 24 of the payee's financial balance (Official Government Gazette A΄ 84) will be stored into the ledger of the recipient held by the installment specialist organization. 11 Operating in Greece".

As per the joint choice of the Minister of the Interior and Finance, the worth of the previously mentioned land might be changed and ought to be resolved dependent on the property estimation determined in the agreement or the rent arrangement.

3. Third nation nationals, land proprietors, can rent the property.

4. Nationals of the previously mentioned third nations may, joined by their relatives, issue an individual home grant to their relatives, which terminates along with the underwriter's home grant.

Relatives allude to:

a. Accomplice

b. The other companion or accomplice who has a dwelling together concurrence with a third country public in Greece

c. Direct unmarried posterity of a life partner under 21 years old

d. The direct unmarried posterity of the land owner or the other companion/accomplice, given that their guardianship has been lawfully endowed to the underwriter (for his/her youngsters) and the other accomplice (for his/her kids), And be under 21 years old

e. Life partner's close family

5. The previously mentioned permit can be reestablished similarly without fail, gave that the land property is as yet possessed by the third nation nationals, the understanding in section 1 is as yet substantial, and any remaining prerequisites have been satisfied as per the law. The hour of leaving the nation will not influence the reestablishment of the home license. "During the legitimacy time of the home license, exchanging the land to another third country public will appreciate the option to allow a home grant to the new purchaser and simultaneously pull out the home grant of the vender."

6. The home grant gave as per passages 1 and 4 of this article doesn't build up the option to get any type of business.

If it's not too much trouble, download here a short manual for home grants for Greek land proprietors altered by Enterprise Greece in the accompanying dialects: English , Greek , Chinese , Russian , Arabic and Turkish .

B. Giving and restoring a home license for speculation exercises (Article 16)

1. Greece permits third-country nationals to enter and dwell to make ventures that decidedly affect public turn of events and the economy. As per the amount and attributes of the speculation, up to ten third-country nationals can enter and live in the nation, including financial backers, to execute and work the venture.

2. As per the movement of the Foreign Investment Bureau of the Ministry of Economy and Development, in regards to the qualities of venture and the practicality of giving home licenses, third country nationals might be permitted to enter and live in Greece and put resources into tasks.

The application and required archives in the joint clerical choice alluded to in Article 136, section 12 have been submitted to the Greek office in the spot of home of the individual concerned, and will be sent to the Foreign Investment Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Development inside one month.

3. The previously mentioned General Administration will survey the application inside one month and forward the important movement to the able consular expert to give the necessary public visa.

4. For a third country public who has acquired a visa to understand the speculation, when buying the necessary archives, he ought to likewise be given a home license for a similar explanation. The home license is legitimate for a very long time, and every venture ought to be recharged for a similar period, given that the execution of the speculation or the speculation can proceed after fulfillment.

5. Nationals of the previously mentioned third nations can be joined by relatives who have gotten a family get-together home license by discrediting the arrangements of Article 70, passage 1, and simultaneously terminating with the underwriter's home grant.

6. The Immigration Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Immigration Policy is answerable for looking into applications and choices on giving or recharging home grants for speculation exercises.

7. The arrangements of this article will apply appropriately to the section and home of third nation nationals, including Greek undertakings, new ventures made by third country nationals who have worked or have lawfully lived in Greece and hold home grants. Autonomous financial or venture exercises.

8. The home license for nationals of the third nation referenced in the primary section of this article will express the "home grant for speculation exercises" and the "comments" will express the expert status of the holder.

Kindly download here a concise manual for home licenses for Greek land proprietors, altered by Enterprise Greece , in the accompanying dialects: English , Greek , Chinese , Russian , Arabic and Turkish .

II. 1. Every speculation permits up to ten (10) third-country nationals to enter, in the event that they acquire a visa (D visa) when important to understand the venture called "key speculation", as indicated by the Inter-Ministerial Strategic Investment Committee Incorporated into the choice of Law No. 3894/2010 (Gazette 1, No. 204).

As indicated by the choice of the Inter-ecclesiastical Committee on Strategic Investment, the previously mentioned visa is given for nothing, which characterizes the venture as a "essential speculation", and the Secretary-General responsible for key and private venture's movement on the connection between third nation nationals and substances that acknowledge key ventures.

2. As indicated by the choice of the Minister of the Interior, the above conditions are conceded a ten-year home grant. In the event that similar conditions are met, it very well may be stretched out for a very long time.

3. To acquire a home license, the application for the necessary records will be submitted to the Immigration Policy Bureau of the Ministry of the Interior as per Article 136, section 1. 1. In the joint pastoral choice. The home grant ought to be given inside five (5) days from the date of accommodation of the application.

4. The previously mentioned third country nationals receive a disparagement from Article 70, passage 7. 1. On the off chance that the candidate is a debilitated individual, he can be joined by his relatives and get a home grant for family gathering, which lapses simultaneously as the home license of the underwriter and backing staff.

III. 1. Nationals of third nations who are limited by Chapters An and B of this article and lawfully live in the nation are not obliged to leave the Greek region to apply for a home grant.

2. The capable branch of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness will tell the Immigration Policy Bureau of the Ministry of the Interior of any progressions in the execution cycle of speculation exercises recorded as a hard copy or by email.

C. Home grant for interest in protections or bank stores in Greece

1. Permit third country nationals to enter and live in Greece with the end goal of individual or legitimate substance, as explicit types of protections or bank stores worth in excess of 400,000 euros Greece makes elusive speculations.

through homegrown lawful elements.


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